4 Ways to Drink More Water


4 Ways to Drink More Water

How much H20 is too much? One of the biggest myths in health is the question of water consumption - do we really need the dutiful two litres per day? The answer is a surprising (and relieving!) no. Despite years of dedicated daily water consumption, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief, and lessen our hydration stress.

Whilst it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day, aiming to consume one litre of water is enough for most of us who eat and drink relatively healthily, as there are a myriad of foods and drinks which contribute to your total intake.

Additional physical factors also need to be taken into consideration, as these too impact on our hydration status. Here are 4 easy ways to boost your daily water consumption:

1. Not all water is created equal

Coconut water is a great addition to the diet, and packed full of health benefits. These drinks are far better for you than many other 'sports drinks' on the market at the moment too, so the ideal replenishment after a hearty bout of exercise.

2. Put the "T" in water 

Herbal teas also count towards your total water intake for the day, so don't shy away from those afternoon hot drinks to get you through the afternoon. Coffee on the other hand is a diuretic, so should not be factored into your daily water quota.

3. You can eat water!

Fruits and vegetables - these nutritional powerhouses are surprisingly water-dense, and so equate to part of your water total. Berries, melons, leafy greens and many more, all contribute to your daily intake.

4. Listen to your body

We come in many shapes and sizes, so it is not surprising that our individual hydration needs will differ from person to person. Listening to your body, and focusing on your own thirst cues is one of the best ways to manage hydration, and keep your fluid intakes up. Unfortunately many of us neglect our thirst until we are well and truly dehydrated. Drinking water can also help curb cravings. Too often we mistake 'thirst' for 'hunger', so it pays to drink a glass of water before eating food, especially at snack time as this can often be enough to satiate. 

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