4 Ways To Fast Track Your Fitness Results

Top 4 ways to fast track your fitness

4 Ways To Improve Fitness Results

No matter what your size, age or shape, you've no doubt set yourself some health and fitness goals. Your main focus will be on how to get the most out of your training sessions, but did you know that your days off are just as important as your days in the gym? 

The newest addition to the Goodlife family, certified cellulite squasher and weight-loss wizard HYPOXI, share some hot tips on how you can supercharge your results even when you are not hitting the weights or the cardio floor.

1. Get rolling!

If you're feeling pain or tightness on your non-workout days, you can use a long, semi-soft foam tube to give your muscles a massage. Foam rolling breaks up scar tissue and knotting in your fascia, which, if left unattended can lead to nagging aches and pains in your joints. Spend at least 30-60 seconds minimum rolling your sore muscle groups immediately upon waking and before bed on your recovery days to help repair damaged tissue.

2. Down the hatch

Exercising while dehydrated has been shown to cause greater damage to muscles and reduce the body's ability to repair itself. But before reaching for Gatorade, remember that good old H2O is more often enough for you to completely hydrate. While we endorse replenishing fluids on your recovery day, this does not extend to the golden ale. Those of us who are accustomed to a few drinks at the end of a hard day might want to think twice before imbibing. Research suggests more than one or two drinks after working out could reduce the body's ability to recover and restock its glycogen stores.

3. As cold as ice

Many athletes swear by ice baths, ice massage or contrast water therapy (alternating hot and cold showers) to recover faster, reduce muscle soreness and prevent injury. The theory behind this method is that by repeatedly constricting and dilating blood vessels helps remove (or flush out) waste products in the tissues. If you are suffering from serious muscle pain and have exhausted other options, a cold bath might do the trick.  Limited research has found some benefits of contrast water therapy at reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


HYPOXI completely redefines the way you train. Available in select Goodlife Health Clubs and other locations across Australia, HYPOXI couples low impact exercise with vacuum and compression technology to help speed recovery and target those stubborn areas that just won't budge.

HYPOXI is used worldwide be professional athletes as a recovery aid, so why not try it to supercharge your results? HYPOXI kick starts your circulation, helping you to remove toxins from fatigued muscles so you can heal quicker from intense training and reduce the risk of injury.

If you are training harder than ever, but still can't seem to shift those last stubborn kilos, HYPOXI also has you covered. The combination of training and therapy stimulates metabolism, reducing fat and cellulite in your problem areas. In just 12 sessions, you could lose up to 30cm, which is more than what you would generally see from training alone.

Thanks to our friends at HYPOXI, all Goodlife members and 12 Week Challenge participants are eligible for a FREE trial at participating HYPOXI studios across Australia. 

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