5 Healthiest Takeaway Meals

5 Healthy Foods

5 Healthy Takeaway Foods

Work days are getting longer and social calendars are getting busier - but with menus now catering for everything from gluten and sugar-free to paleo, Atkins and vegan diets there's no excuse to make unhealthy choices when eating out with mates.

Knowledge is power, so we've done the hard work for you and broken down the top 5 popular takeaway options and the healthiest menu items you should be ordering.

1. Thai

Look for: Steamed fish, vegetable stir-fries, rice paper rolls, broth-based soups, grilled chicken, Thai salads
In moderation: Fried or battered (sorry, no spring rolls), coconut-based curries, calorie-packed Pad Thai, coconut/sticky rice
Note: Thai dishes are often very high in sodium and sugar. Moderation is key.  

2. Pub meal

Look for: Grilled or steamed fish, lean meats, steamed vegetables, salad (dressing on the side)
In moderation: Crumbed or fried (avoid that schnitty), hot chips, cream-based sauces, baked potatoes with added extras
Note: Be careful of portion sizes. Ask yourself if you would eat that much if it was cooked at home?

3. Fish & chips

Look for: Grilled fish, salads, grilled seafood skewers, steak sandwich loaded with lettuce, beetroot and tomato
In moderation: Fried or battered (fish, potato scallops, onions rings), copious amounts of hot chips, dressing on salads, burgers with 'the lot'
Note: Watch the sauces which can often be high in fat and sugar. Save yourself the coin, and don't grab that tartare. 

4. Japanese

Look for: Sashimi, brown rice sushi, edamame, miso soup, steamed dumplings, seaweed salad, grilled meats and vegetables (careful of that teriyaki sauce though)
In moderation: Tempura, fried fillings (crispy chicken), white rice, sushi drenched in soy sauce and kewpie mayonnaise
Note: Outings to sushi trains can be hidden traps; eat slowly and avoid that six plate pile-up. 

5. Indian

Look for: Yoghurt-based dishes, vegetable dishes, lean meats, chickpea or lentil based dishes 
In moderation: Cream-based curries, naan bread, fried food (pappadums)
Note: Share the dishes, but be wary that sometimes a little bit of everything can suddenly turn into a lot.

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