5 Ways to Beat the Easter Binge


5 Ways to Beat the Easter Binge

With Easter just around the corner, we know that tackling temptation can prove difficult - supermarkets are full of chocolate and it’s almost impossible to escape the smell of those hot cross buns! However, good news, knowledge is power in this instance so we’ve rounded up the top 5 tips to help you survive the Easter break and avoid that chocolate-filled daze!

1. Avoid the bulk buy

You don’t have to cancel Easter to stay healthy, but remember the key is moderation. If you do treat yourself, friends or family to some celebratory chocolate, resist bulk buying (even if it’s cheaper to do so!). When you go down the shopping aisle, remember you aren’t buying for 40, so avoid those packets of tiny eggs plus multiple larger chocolate bunnies at the one time. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it!

2. Remember your routine

An extra-long weekend doesn’t mean you have to fall off the fitness bandwagon. It might be the season of chocolate in most households, but you can remain committed to your goals and schedule training as per normal or even fit in an extra session while you have the time! You’ll thank yourself later. Check your local club’s website for Easter hours or, visit our 24.7 page to see where you can train around the clock if you have an all clubs membership.

3. Smart snacking

It’s pretty simple: keep the fridge and pantry stocked full of yummy healthy foods and you won’t automatically reach for the chocolate. This can mean nuts, dark (quality) chocolate and some fruits to hopefully fix that sugar craving. Another tip for smart snacking is to avoid the black hole of mindless chocolate consumption over Easter by ensuring you eat three healthy and complete meals each day – especially not skipping breakfast!

4. Treat yo’self with healthy alternatives

You can still treat yourself to an Easter delight without completely overindulging. The key? Healthy alternatives. Look for cacao and quality dark chocolate (over 70% cocoa), or whip up your own goodies like these Choc Hazelnut Nests or Choc Beetroot Cake. Remember, one Lindt gold bunny (100g) can be over 543 calories and those popular Cadbury crème eggs are a whopping 172 calories each.

5. Dear diary

We’ve got two words that will help you stay accountable over the Easter break: food diary. It will be easier to stay on track with your eating if you are writing down each and every little chocolate bite you take. Plus, trust us, when you are aware of the kilojoules and calories of different foods – you will most likely be reaching for the healthy alternative. Track your consumption using MyFitnessPal, then sync with the Goodlife App for a single dashboard view of all calories consumed combined with those burned from exercise that day.  

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