6 Simple Steps To Stay Motivated In Winter


6 Steps To Stay Motivated In Winter

The cold has come and we are all struggling to face life outside of our warm beds. But we must remember the ol' cliché that 'summer bodies are made in winter'. So to help you conquer the winter workouts, we have rounded up our top tips to help you stay motivated, warm and on track.

1. Exercise daily - even on the coldest of days! 

It doesn't always have to be a scheduled gym session or a 5km run, but aiming to do 30 minutes of exercise each day will be a habit worth keeping. Stay warm with some hot yoga, work up a sweat with circuit training or even face the cool breeze with an early morning walk with friends. Doing a little bit each day will be enough to keep you firing on all cylinders and fighting those winter blues.

2. Think about how good you feel after a workout

Yes, it's a little harder to get going but once you've got feel-good endorphins rushing through your body you'll be smiling, warm and guaranteed an excellent night's sleep. Then the trick is to hold onto that feeling the next time you're thinking of skipping a workout.

3. Remember your goals

A change in season doesn't have to mean a change in goals. As soon as your enthusiasm starts to wane and you're wanting to snooze that alarm, think of your goals and remember why you started in the first place. It won't seem nearly as crazy when you think about how great you're going to look and feel, how much energy you'll have, how you'll sleep better, how much stronger you'll be, and so on. 

4. Join the cool kids

Buddy up with a friend and lock in your winter workouts; you will be less likely to cancel on those dark mornings, and have something to look forward to post-work. The key is to find someone with similar goals and who will help keep you on track. Or alternatively, try some personal training. It will be a workout buddy and expert guidance in one - win win!

5. An Instagram a day…

Social media is a powerful tool to keep you on track, and it doesn't have to be all about beach days and bikini bods. Let your followers know you're committed during the cooler months through photos, check-ins and videos. And, don't be afraid of the ol' hashtag so your posts can inspire others to beat their winter workout blues! #wintervation 

6. Listen to your body 

Sometimes it's okay to have a day off every once in a while to reset the balance. While at times it can be good to push through the pain barrier, it's generally a better idea to give your body a break. Book yourself a massage, sleep in, or enjoy an evening on the couch - you've worked hard for it!

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