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Name: Helen Yost
Age: 28
Club: Goodlife Carseldine

As the co-owner of an all-female plumbing company, my job often leaves me mentally and physically exhausted. I knew I was unfit and that I was struggling, but my excuses were my safety blanket – something that I could hold onto rather than face my reality. I blamed work, my daughters and not having enough hours in the day. But then I reached a point when I knew I needed change, not only for my health, but to set a good example for my daughters.

I guess many could say that I am working in a “man’s world”, which is really what drives me. I like knowing that I am breaking through the stereotypes in what is quite a male-dominated industry and sometimes I feel like I have more to prove both as a leading example to my female employees but also to my clients too. So, as I began to struggle with my weight, I knew I was holding myself back further in a world where I was told that “girls don’t plumb”. Soon, my health and fitness began to not only affect my personal life, but my professional too.

"My excuses were my safety blanket."

Like many couples, my fiancé and I had spoken many times about joining a gym and getting fit together, but we never put those conversations into action. When I finally took the first step, it was Goodlife Carseldine that won me over with their exceptional customer service. I know that sounds cliché, but I had honestly never felt more comfortable, more supported and ready to embrace a healthier, happier and fitter me.

Once I started training, I realised how far I had fallen. You wouldn’t have guessed it at the time, but I was once a personal trainer, so I knew the benefits of maintaining of a routine and what optimal health and nutrition looked like. They say knowledge is power, but even with all of my training and even though I should have known better, I had somehow still let myself go. My friends were missing the ‘fit Helen’ who was happy on both the inside and out, and I was determined to get her back, too.

Even though it was an expense I wasn’t sure I could afford, I was really keen to cement a good routine and stay committed to goals – so I enlisted the help of a personal trainer shortly after joining. She pushed me past my limits, even when I was having a bad day and using every excuse I could think of to get out of training. She was encouraging and inspiring, and not only made me feel like I could do better, but that I deserved better. I began to realise that I really could have it all at once: my family, my health and my work.

As well as beginning to feel better about myself, I noticed a dramatic difference in how I felt during and after work. By putting my health and fitness first, I finally had a sense of accomplishment. It was my driving force. I found that there was nothing more rewarding than finishing work and feeling tired, but then still motivated to face a gym session head on. I always feel more energised leaving the gym, no matter how busy or hard my day has been.

What is the biggest change I’ve made? Removing the excuses. They had become a really negative force in my life; a security blanket sheltering me from looking in the mirror and facing reality. I’ve gained so much both mentally and physically since joining Goodlife. I’ve found I am a much better person – I say yes to more, I use the gym as my stress relief on bad days and I am a much more patient and active mum. I enjoy running around with my girls now, always wanting to play. I want to be a positive role model and I really feel that I have made that mental shift to be the best person I can be for them.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel like I have changed the course of my future. With a history of diabetes and heart disease in the family, I know I have chosen a different path for myself and that of the generations to follow. I never want to go back to the person I was before – always tired, never wanting to be active with my girls and struggling to face work. I have broken the cycle of unhealthy living and I am motivated by the thought of tomorrow.

"I never want to go back to the person I was before."

The best advice I can give someone? Close your eyes and take that first step. If you keep making excuses, you will end up with the same results. Have faith in yourself and believe in what you can achieve. There are plenty of people with busy lives or those doing it tough, but there is always a way to make it work.

As a mum, I understand that we often put everyone before ourselves. Joining Goodlife was much more than just working out, it really was about becoming a better mum. Every session I do is one step closer to having an extra year, three years or even ten years with my girls. For me, working out is about looking forward to a healthy future with my family.

Goodlife Team Posted by: Goodlife Team

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