Why Aaron Is Fitter Than Ever


How The 12WC Changed Aaron's Life

The man with the ultimate never give up attitude who after fighting for his life, is fitter and stronger than he's ever been thanks to the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge.

Why did you sign up to the challenge?

Fitness was always important to me and I've always had a relatively healthy lifestyle and weight, but I always thought that I could be better. I used to look at myself and think 'you're looking pretty good', but I always knew in the back of my mind that I could really take it to another level, and the challenge did that. It's helped me to really increase the intensity of my workouts and I've really focused on myself and through the support of my family, friends and trainers - I got there. It's been hard work, it's not easy and it takes a lot of consistency. I really wanted to see what I could achieve when I pushed myself harder and I've gotten some awesome results.

What impact has the 12 Week Challenge had on your life outside the gym?

It's flowed into every aspect of my life. The confidence that I feel now is affecting my work too. I feel like I'm more relaxed but more organised at the same time and just feel like I'm kicking goals all over the place at the moment. It's been a massive year for myself and my family and it's unbelievable how successful this year has been. It's not only a physical feeling of achievement, I feel like my health has improved overall. I feel fitter, stronger and I'm not required to take medication anymore and that was such a huge positive for me.

You've overcome a lot of health issues in recent years, can you talk us through your battle with cancer?

It was such a shock to me because I've always been a really fit and healthy person. When I went in for a simple wisdom tooth extraction, my blood pressure was through the roof and and the nurses said I needed to see a GP the next day. The GP ran a series of tests, which eventually lead to scans and they found a large tumour on my kidney that was malignant. It's quite a significant operation and I had a number of complications, which resulted in my recovery being very slow and painful. That's why I feel like I've got such a great story to tell, from someone who was bedridden for a couple of months, to now being on the cover of a mens fitness magazine.

What was the challenge highlight for you?

Initially it's the weight loss that you see and that's really encouraging to know you must be doing something right. But although I made a lot of physical changes, there's been a lot of mental strength that I've gained throughout this process.

Who was your biggest motivator through the challenge?

My wife. She works full-time, she is studying, she's trying to workout, she's trying to manage the family. It's a big deal, it's not easy, she's under a lot of pressure and she's put in the hard yards to get herself into a physical shape that she's happy with and that really inspires me. Another person in my family who really inspires and motivates me is my father. He's 69 and he's one of the fittest 69 year olds that I know. He's always active, he's always looking after himself and is very health conscious.

What impact did it have on your family?

It had a very positive effect on the whole family and it became a team effort for the four of us. The kids have seen the benefits of me improving my physical and mental state and they understand that if they start putting any of these things in place, they'll see improvements too. The challenge has resulted in a lifestyle change for our family and although the challenge was just for a short period of time, we've taken the learnings from that and really integrated it into our whole lifestyle.

What advice would you give to first time challengers?

I can only say it's an opportunity to for you to focus on yourself and to gain control of your body. It's not easy, it's hard but if you keep going at it and you push hard and do your best you're going to see results.

Write your own story. Join the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge today, your best is yet to come.

Goodlife Team Posted by: Goodlife Team

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