Easy Gym To Work Hairstyles

Gym to work hairstyles

Easy Gym To Work Hairstyles

No, they weren't lying, they just new some sneaky tricks that Hairhouse Warehouse are here spill. You'll soon be walking around rocking all the hair secrets they've been holding onto for ages.

The Chic Pony


The chic pony hides greasy hair like it's nobodies business. It's basically a woman's secret when it comes to the gym to work routine. The grease almost looks intentional and it's an easy way to keep hair off your face while you're working out. Work a high textured pony, embracing some natural curls like Olivia Palermo at her dream wedding. You'll look like you're down with the latest trends, too #score. Backcomb the top to bring some volume and spray with a touch of dry shampoo. Another alternative is to run the straightener quickly through the pony to be sleek and chic in a flash. Team it with a dark cat eye and a nude lip. If you opt for the low pony, work it with a statement lip to create a bold, feminine look.

TIP: Once you've finished your workout, wrap a small (2cm) section of hair around your elastic and you've just replicated the latest AW14 runway trend. Spray with some hairspray and you're good to go.

The Braid


As you know, your forehead can get quite sweaty during a workout and hair on your face is a nightmare. Braids are a life saver when it comes to keeping hair in place and hiding grease in your locks. Prior to your workout, spritz some dry shampoo into the roots to allow the excess oils to be soaked up. Work the braid through the front of the head and secure with bobby pins. It's so versatile because you can team a braid with a pony, bun or loose waves. The only stress to this look is to work out which fab outfit to team with your glam look. Click here for even more braid inspiration.

TIP: Don't worry about the fly always after your workout. They look intentional with this style. We suggest applying a shine spray to really bring out your inner glow.

Messy Waves


This is our all time favourite. Not only is this perfect for the gym, it's also a great overnight trick so you can actually say 'I woke up like this' and look as glam as Beyonce. No joke. Let us show you:


  1. Start with smooth hair that's free of knots. No need to be perfect, just easy to manage. Spritz in some sea salt spray, or if you don't have any, a light holding hair spray.
  2. Divide the hair into two sections and twist them around each other as tight as possible and secure with a hair tie. If you want the waves to start higher up, we suggest working with a bun to the middle of the head.
  3. Twist the pony into a tight bun and secure with as many bobby pins as desired. The aim is to make it as tight as possible. When you're doing your thing at the gym, the heat will warm up the hair cuticles and set the waves in place.
  4. Insert workout routine here
  5. Once you're dressed and ready to go, your hair should have cooled down. Take out all the bobby pins and start unravelling your bun. Remove the hair tie and using your fingers, separate the sections of hair. Create volume and body by turning your head upside down and whipping it back and forth.
  6. Keep the waves in place with a wax spray. We love Matrix Design Pulse Switch Flicks as it creates separation and re-workable texture with an ah-mazing shine. 

    BAM, your gym to work life just got a little bit easier. Now you can roll straight from your workout to the office looking like you spent as many hours in the mirror as a celebrity. 

For even more handy hair hints head over to the Hairhouse Warehouse blog.

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