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How Katey Found Her Thing

Losing 78 kgs is not an easy task - and no one knows this more than Katey Gilliland. Katey lacked so much confidence, that she couldn't bring herself to get out of the car on her first visit to the gym. But through the support of the Goodlife community, she lost 78 kgs, and gained everything she'd ever wanted. 

Name: Katey Gilliland

Age: 32

Home club: Cleveland

When did you first sign up at Goodlife?

I first signed up in April 2014. What motivated you to join a gym, and Goodlife in particular? A changed lifestyle was what motivated me to join a gym and a desire to get more out of life and to live a full life. After trailing Goodlife, I joined because of the amazing staff, excellent facilities, opportunities that were offered and support I received.

Tell us a bit about your personal story and how training at Goodlife helps you in your day-to-day life?

Growing up I was always big. I tried a few times to lose weight but I never kept it going or kept it off. I barely fit into a size 26 pair of jeans. I was over it and knew something had to change. So with the help of my friends, I cut out junk food, ate smaller portions and started walking. I lived with a couple and their two children. My friend would put her baby in the pram, her boy on his bike and they would come walking with me. After reaching a plateau I decided to join the Goodlife. I started working with a personal trainer twice a week and went to the gym every day of the week. I did the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge and absolutely loved it. I can’t believe how much life has changed. I never knew how much my weight was holding me back and how difficult it made life.

Why do you exercise?

I exercise to keep myself fit and healthy and because I enjoy it. Being at the gym motivates me to stick at my goals and not to give up. I enjoy the ‘me-time’ it gives me. What do you love about it? I love exercising because it makes me feel so energised. It’s my happy place.

What’s your favourite type of training? Why?

My favourite type of training is definitely training with my personal trainer Dean Mentz. I enjoy the accountability of personal training, doing new exercises and I love reaching new personal bests.

Have you had to overcome any big hurdles in life and at the gym? Tell us about them…

The biggest hurdle has been my weight. It has held me back a lot. It stopped me from doing lots. I was never unhappy. I have always loved my life and have always been a happy person, but I was very lazy with my eating and exercising. I just convinced myself that I was a big person, always was, always would be and there wasn’t much I could do about. My biggest hurdle at the gym was to stop being lazy. I had to create accountability in my life. Once I stopped thinking of exercise as a chore, I started to love doing it and that's when it become easier.

Have you experienced weight loss during your time with Goodlife? If so, how much and what was your starting weight?

My starting weight was 154 kgs. I lost about 18 kgs by myself before joining Goodlife. When I first started working with my personal trainer, I was over 130 kgs. At my lowest I got down to 73 kgs. What have been the biggest physical and mental changes you have noticed since joining Goodlife and discovering your love of exercise? I am physically and mentally stronger and fitter since joining Goodlife. I may have lost weight, but I have gained so much. I am stronger and more determined. I have taken control of my life. I have routine in my physical life and also in my eating. My life is balanced.

Who has had the biggest influence on your gym experience?

My personal trainer Dean and the membership consultant who joined me up, Rodney. They have given me immense support and encouragement. How does training at Goodlife, and the experience you have in club, help you outside of the gym? It has helped me be more disciplined in every area of my life. It gave me the confidence to be the best me I can be. Everyone says how much more confident and outgoing I am now. I am a confident, happy wife and hope to be an active mum to our baby that is on the way!

Is there one particular event where the escape of the gym and the support of the team or members there pulled you though?

I couldn’t name just one event. There have been times I’ve chatted to my personal trainer or the Goodlife staff about how I’m struggling and they have supported me and challenged me to keep going. There were no major moments, just lots of small encouragement. What has been the reaction from partner, family, friends, colleagues on your results from the gym? Either stunned silence or complete over-excitement. I have friends I haven’t seen in years who have literally walked right past me, or started talking to me totally not knowing who I am. It is quite funny seeing them have the lightbulb moment when they realise who I am. Everyone is so proud of me. They just can not believe the person I am now.

What drives or motivates you to achieve your health and fitness goals?

My original motivation was to lose weight to get married and have children. Every time I did a push up or stayed at the gym for a two hour session, I would tell myself it was to get married and have children. Now, my motivation is for myself. I want to be the best version of ‘me’ that I can be. I love being fit and healthy. What drives me now is to be the best me I can be. My other motivation is to keep being healthy for my future family. I’m newly married and we are anticipating the arrival of our first child! I want to keep being motivated to live this lifestyle so I can be a good role model for our kids.

Have you made a circle of friends at the gym? If so, what do those people mean to you?

I have made lots of friends at Goodlife. The friendships I’ve made there have really helped me me through the biggest challenge of my life. Their friendship and support have meant the world to me and have actually meant that I was able to reach my goals. What was your greatest fear had you not decided to join Goodlife?

Some of my greatest fears had already been realised. I didn’t fit into an airplane seat, I was constantly worried if a chair would hold me and I was unhealthy. My greatest fear was that I would die young, not having truly experienced life. That if I had children that I wouldn’t be able to interact in life with them, or that I wouldn’t be around for them.

Tell us something interesting or unusual that most people don’t know about you!

When I meet new people who don’t know my story, my claim to fame is that I’m the girl who has lost 78 kgs!

Goodlife Team Posted by: Goodlife Team

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