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How Kelvin Found His Thing

For 15 years, Kelvin Barfoot couldn’t walk or exercise without experiencing pain. The solution? A bilateral knee replacement., But before Kelvin underwent the surgery, he needed to be strong enough to make a full recovery. He joined Goodlife Ashgrove, worked with a personal trainer and just six months after the operation, Kelvin is walking and training in the gym pain free and now planning his next overseas hiking adventure. Here’s how Kelvin found his ‘thing’ at Goodlife Health Clubs.

Name: How Kelvin Found His Thing  Kelvin Barfoot

Age: 70

Home club: Ashgrove

When did you first sign up at Goodlife?

May 2017.

Tell us a bit about your personal story and how training at Goodlife helps you in your day-to-day life?

I have been suffering for the past 15 years with deteriorating knees. I made a decision in May to have the operation and realised I needed to strengthen my legs as much as possible before the operation. Since the operation I have returned to the gym and with the assistance of my personal trainer Jess, we have succeeded in building my strength and movement in my knees, so that I am now almost walking normally and pain free 6 months after the operation, which I am informed is a great outcome.

Why do you exercise?

I enjoyed walking but until the operation I found it very difficult and painful. Now I enjoy exercise as it is assisting my movements and ability to get back to walking normally.

What do you love about it?

I have enjoyed the camaraderie of my friend Scott who introduced me to the Goodlife gym at Ashgrove and the outstanding program that Jess put into place for me.

What’s your favourite type of training? Why?

My training is based around my rehabilitation and I enjoy the variety, so I don’t have a favourite – I like it all!

Have you had to overcome any big hurdles in life and at the gym? Tell us about them...

The biggest hurdle was getting my knees back to normal so I could lead a more active lifestyle. Over the past 25 years I have had 5 arthroscopy knee operations, a bilateral osteotomy and now a bilateral knee replacements. I have had to work through the pain at the gym to get my knees working well enough to get back into a walking program.

Have you experienced weight loss during your time with Goodlife?

No this was not a goal of mine, however, I would like to attack this in the near future, as I’m now able to exercise much more efficiently.

What have been the biggest physical and mental changes you have noticed since joining Goodlife and discovering your love of exercise?

I was determined to ensure I could exercise after my operation so that by Christmas 2017 I could resume normal walking and participate in total body improvement training in the gym.

Who has had the biggest influence on your gym experience?

My personal trainer Jess Jaensch and fellow member Scott Thornton. When I was still recovering from surgery, Scott would drive me to gym so that I could train with Jess or walk on the treadmill as part of my rehabilitation.

How does training at Goodlife, and the experience you have in club, help you outside of the gym?

I am a better person as I am not in constant pain – now I can walk pain-free. My family say I am in a better frame of mind and that I’m easier to live with. It’s amazing the difference being pain-free can make to your demeanour.

Is there one particular event where the escape of the gym and the support of the team or members there pulled you though?

My introduction to Jess. I was in constant pain and was about to give up work for the operation. Joining Goodlife really completely changed my life.

What has been the reaction from partner, family, friends, colleagues on your results from the gym?

My family and friends are very pleased with the progress I am making from my efforts at the gym. They can’t believe the progress I’ve made in such a short time and they have not only noticed a physical change but a mental one as well.

What drives or motivates you to achieve your health and fitness goals?

Being pain free and not only getting back to where I have been previously, but getting fitter and stronger, than before.

Have you made a circle of friends at the gym?

If so, what do those people mean to you? I do my exercises with my friend Scott and have become friends with Jess and her partner. Goodlife Ashgrove really does have such a lovely community feel to it, it’s become a second home almost!

What was your greatest fear had you not decided to join Goodlife?

That I would not be able to walk properly, that I would always be in constant pain, and that I would never be able to resume “normal” life.

Goodlife Team Posted by: Goodlife Team

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