Meet The Inspiring Mum Who Defied Medical Odds


How The 12WC Changed Skei's Life

This inspiring mum of two defied medical odds and completely turned her life around with the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge. 

What was the catalyst that inspired you to do the Goodlife 12-Week Challenge?

I saw photos of myself at my surprise 40th birthday, which turned into a surprise engagement and I didn't want to see those photos ever again. That was my snapping point and the 12 Week Challenge was perfect timing. Who motivated you most throughout the 12-week period?

My personal trainer Jane. She's my rock. She's seen me go through quite a lot (including my spinal injury) and she supported me the whole way through. She helped me work through my injury and whether that meant I could do one kilo bicep curls or nothing overhead, she pushed me to my max whilst always being cautious.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome?

I've had various amount of injuries, but a major one being a major back injury. I had 12 procedures over 12 months and nine of them were successful - so the last point of call was to have a spinal cord implant in my back. I was told three years ago that I'd never run or lift weights again. My personal trainer at Goodlife had me doing all of this, and after the challenge I'm now training for a half marathon. It really proves that the mind and body can do amazing things if you put your mind to it.

How has your life changed post challenge?

Instead of creeping up the dress sizes, I can go out to the shops and get the sizes that I'm comfortable in. My happy body, my happy shape. It is the whole body shape. It's from you know, calf muscles, to legs, to hips, to waist, to top, to arms, it's everywhere. It's a huge change and it just makes you feel so much better about getting up and getting dressed, and going out. Instead of that lack of confidence, or being embarrassed about looking at your shape and going, "oh, I don't really want to be around people." Now I'm happy to be around people.

How have you managed to incorporate the challenge into your life with your family commitments?

It's a part of my life. I've got two young kids and a fiancé. We all run a busy life. This is now part of my life. We're all active and I used to put them in front of me, they're the priorities. They still are. I make sure I still get my training done and make sure I'm eating properly and look after myself so I can look after my family. I'll train while the kids are doing their boxing classes, or one's at soccer, I'll go for a run around the soccer field. You make it work for what is suitable to you.

What impact do you think your family watching you do the challenge has on them?

I like to show them that you've just got to keep going and keep working at it. You might fail 50 times, but that 51st time, you get it!

What was the most rewarding part of the challenge?

I didn't like the person that I was. I didn't like the body that I was in and this challenge brought back the person that I know to be. It's made a life long change for me, doing this challenge and anybody can do it. You don't have to be super fit to start with. You can be at any level of fitness. From rock bottom, right up to the top and you will still get rewards from it. You want to change your body in any way, whatever level you're at you can do it with this challenge.

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