Humans of Goodlife: Nick Haneveld


Humans of Goodlife: Nick Haneveld

Name: Nick Haneveld
Club: Goodlife Loganholme

I joined Goodlife Loganholme in July 2014 after hearing great things from friends that were already training there. I signed up for the 5-day trial so I could initially test out the facilities, but I am proud to say that before the five days were finished I had become a bona fide Goodlife member!

I had always been a sporty kid and as I grew, fitness continued to be important to my family and I. When I originally joined Goodlife I weighed 109kg and, while at the time, I didn’t think my weight was an issue, I knew my fitness levels weren’t where I wanted them to be. So shortly after joining, I entered my first 12 Week Challenge to really challenge myself.

Throughout the challenge, I learnt so much about myself and ultimately knew my life had changed for the better. I lost over 17 kilos and I was even more determined to keep improving my health and fitness.

Then last year, I entered my second 12 Week Challenge and I really put all I knew into practice and saw some amazing results. I lost over 19 kilos, reached my goal of a six pack, I won the challenge for my club and I even became the 2015 Goodlife Male Brand Ambassador!

While I am quite a determined person, I have certainly had my struggles. The biggest hurdle I had was to convince myself that I was worth the time and effort to change my life. There were countless temptations, parties, celebrations, ups and downs but I relied on my family and friends to help keep me on track and I never missed a training session.

I have discovered a lot about myself and I found that I work best when I set goals to work towards. By keeping myself committed, I am determined more than ever. At the moment, I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve in this year’s Fitter Faster Stronger.

I really feel that training at Goodlife has made me a better person. I have found that I am more confident in myself and ultimately the way in which I present myself is completely different. By changing my lifestyle to focus on my health and fitness, I have had so many people comment on how great I have done and how I have inspired them to change their lives too.

Ultimately I have found that I feed off other people’s determination because, I believe, if someone else can reach their goals, then why can’t I?

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