Humans of Goodlife: Siobhan McGirl


Humans of Goodlife: Siobhan McGirl

Name: Siobhan McGirl
Club: Goodlife Chermside

It was following a medical condition after the birth of my child that I was at a low point with my health and fitness. I knew I needed a change but I was also under strict instruction from my specialist - at one point I wasn’t even allowed to carry grocery bags! I had put on weight but I was also using a lot of excuses for my bad eating (‘I am eating for two’, ‘I am breastfeeding’, ‘bad food gives me the energy’).

It was then in 2012, and after having two children, that I realised I was finally ready for a big life change - so I joined Goodlife Chermside and I really haven’t looked back. I fell in love with the club the moment I walked through the doors and thankfully, my children were really happy in the crèche which took away a lot of my guilt.

It was a slow recovery, but I was able to finally introduce more fitness into my routine and I soon began to see the positive results. It was during 2014 that I participated in my first 12 Week Challenge.

I committed myself to the challenge and was astounded by the results that I achieved in such a short period of time. The challenge really was life changing for me - I even won the Female Category for my club and overall I lost 15kgs and decreased my body fat by 22%.

I also made some major lifestyle changes. At first, I really didn’t understand the importance of eating well and so one of the biggest changes I made within our home was our eating habits. Even now, I still plan the weekly menu so I know that we are getting a variety of fresh and nutritious home-cooked meals.

My life has changed so much since first joining Goodlife. I surround myself with motivated, like-minded and happy people. I have made some great friends and it is often on the days that I am feeling unmotivated that they pull me through to keep going.

With family as my priority, I now know the importance of being a great role model. I run around the backyard with the kids, jump on the trampoline and bike ride with them while previously I would have just driven to a park to watch them play.

I feel as a parent it is vital to be a healthy role model both inside and out for your children. When my daughter won ‘Student of the Week’ at her school for having “exceptional knowledge of how to be fit and healthy” I was so proud of her – but I was also just as proud of the reason behind the award and what I have achieved. 

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