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Moments of Magic: Karen

Tell us a bit about your weightloss journey? 
I started at 111kgs and then I got down to 57kgs. 

What was the catalyst that inspired you to create healthy change? 
When you have two kids, you’ve got to be your best for them and be their role model, it’s not just about you anymore. I remember the exact moment - it was almost like an out of body experience. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be that size and I needed to be the healthiest I could be for my kids and for my husband. I was looking at myself naked in the mirror after having my daughter, who was my second child and I literally thanked myself and my body for everything it had achieved and given me through that time, and then I said goodbye to it and I turned back the clock. 

I appreciate everything because I’d had two healthy kids and I had an awesome life before, but it was filled with the things that I now know probably weren't the best for me like eating and drinking a lot. I had a really big social life. 

What are your favorite ways to train? 
My go-to is definitely HIIT, I honestly can’t get enough of my HIIT training! But in saying that I also love my weights and my legs days as well as classes like Body Pump. Also, never underestimate a mindfulness walk, which I try to do at least once a week as well. If you manage to get a good hour in and make sure I pretty much conquer the world in that hour. But that routine is something I’ve had to teach myself over time. I’ve gone through phases where I’ve done plenty of weights and only weights where I knew I just had to get in and get out, but I’ve learnt it’s important to also get outdoors and balance yourself. 

Aside from the physical transformation, what other transformations have you seen?
I ended up taking a redundancy with my corporate life, and I’m now studying a cert 4 in fitness! Now I want to be able to train and help many others do the same and succeed at whatever they set out to do, whether that’s to tone up, lose weight or even just get a really positive mindset. Because that’s the other part that’s really come from my journey… even though I was happy before, I think this made made me so much stronger both mentally and physically and it’s changed me so much for the better. 
What are some of your standout memories from your journey?

There used to be an event I went to called Super Saturdays and I used to love it so much I used to get there early. The best part about Super Saturdays in particular were big running tracks that I never thought I’d be able to finish. I was so sweaty and such a mess at the end of it and I just remember crying come the end of it because I had achieved something I’d worked so hard for. I used to think “don’t cry don’t cry you’re at the gym and everyone will see you” but you know what? They were the best moments because when I cried there were other layers being unleashed that allowed me to become a better and stronger person. At Goodlife you feel supported and you get those really special moments.


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