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Moments of Magic: Michelle

What was the catalyst that prompted you to join Goodlife?
I lost all the feeling in one of my feet, and when I went to the doctor about it, it was diabetes. My dad had diabetes and died because of a heart attack that he didn’t see coming. I didn't want to die young because heart disease is in my family and the doctor said to me, if I didn’t do something about my weight, that’s where I would be in 10 years. 

How have you changed in the last 12 months?

In the last 12 months, I've lost over 30 kilos!

What are some of the most positive things that have happened in your journey so far? 
I actually won the last 8 Week Challenge for my club which was a huge motivator for me. When it happened I was like “are you sure”, because other than my clothes getting smaller, I didn’t see any huge differences. But everyone was saying how great I looked, so winning that was a huge motivator to keep going and not give up.

What is your ultimate health and fitness goal?
It started off with me just wanting to lose weight, but not it’s about so much more. I suppose my ultimate goal is to be that fun mum that can run around playing sport with her kids and run around playing soccer with my boys during training. It's about being a better person. My kids used to make little comments here and there like “you don’t run with us anymore” and I got to a point where I couldn’t even walk to my car without being out of breath or walking up a flight of stairs without sweating and it really just put things into perspective for me. 

What does your fitness routine look like now?  
I’ll do a 3km walk every morning and then another one at night usually with the kids. I have a home gym, so I’ll do a workout there when they go to bed and then after work on Tuesday and Saturday I head to Goodlife for a workout. If I could be there all the time, I would! I just like the atmosphere - it really is my destressor.  

What are some of your favourite ways to workout? 
Every now and then I do a Body Combat class - they’re so much fun and I’m always really sore after them. I mainly love doing challenges an the bootcamps. For me, I just love the atmosphere at Goodlife. Everyone is so bubbly and welcoming 

How do you stay motivated and inspired? 
My family have a lot to do with it! If I go to grab a naughty snack or something, my kids are like “mum, do you really want that?” If I have bad days or days when I’m feeling really down, I’ll message my sister-in-law or my coach and say “I’m having a really bad day” and they’ll just reply and say “You’ve come so far. Just keep going. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but you’re doing more than people who are just sitting on the couch. 

How are you feeling?
I'm 35 next year and this is the best I've felt since high school, since I was probably about 18. I'm still working on a few mental things, but that’s just a time thing.


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