Move of the Month: Toe Touches

Move of the month: toe touches

Move of the Month: Toe Touches

Maintaining a strong body core is important at any age; balance, posture and back health have been linked to core and ab strength. Try this spin on the traditional sit up to target your upper abs - no equipment required!


Start by lying down on a flat surface or mat with your legs (ideally) straight up in the air and your arms above your head touching the ground.

Learn how to do toe touches


Reach up to touch your toes, lifting your shoulders, chest and torso off the floor and making sure to keep your core strong at all times.

Toe touches target your upper abs


Let your chest, torso and shoulders slowly descend back down to the floor until your arms are again over your head touching the ground.

Toe touches are one of the best ab exercises


 Repeat by lifting your arms, chest and shoulders off the ground and touching your toes again.


  • You want to try to touch your toes in the exercise. If you can't, that's okay, but a sign you want to stretch more to gain flexibility.
  • Avoid bending your knees and try to lift your chest and shoulders higher with every rep.

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