Pedal your way to better fitness

Cycle is one of the most invigorating workouts. Feel the rush as you pick up speed and tackle the imaginary terrain your instructor sets for you. Re-shape your lower body and build a set of envy-worthy pins as you work them in an intensive set on the stationary bike. You have control of the intensity by adjusting the resistance dial on your bike. So what are you waiting for? Your legs will thank you…eventually.

The benefits

This intensive cardiovascular workout will burn calories, shape and tone your lower body and build your core strength.

  • An exhilarating and interactive workout
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Build core strength
  • Tone lower body
  • Set your own intensity by adjusting your bike’s resistance
  • Freestyle workout designed by your instructor
  • Wellbeing 25Wellbeing
  • Weight Loss 75Weight Loss
  • Strength 50Strength
  • Fitness 100Fitness
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